Jon Cutshall

FOGC Secretary

Jon Cutshall was born at Texas City, Texas in 1964.  Due to military connections, he lived primarily outside of Texas until 1971.  He lived in far south Texas until 1974 then moved to San Antonio for two years.  Through middle and high school he lived in New Braunfels, Texas.  He met his wife of almost 28 years, Wiede, during his college years at The University of Texas at Austin. During these years, opportunities to experience central Texas were when he first developed a love of the Hill Country, already having an appreciation for other parts of Texas and the world.  He is a 1988 graduate of UT Austin with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering (as is Wiede).  He started his career working at The Dee Howard Company (in San Antonio), and then accepted a position at Southwest Research Institute in 1989, where he is currently a Principal Engineer working in aircraft structural life assessment.

Jon and Wiede have been active volunteers with San Antonio Boosting Engineering Science & Technology (SABEST – an organization supporting a grade school robotics competition) since it began in 1994.  Jon is currently on the Board and Treasurer.  They are also active (since 2009) with the AIAA Design, Build, Fly - a collegiate aircraft competition.  He and Wiede have been active at Government Canyon State Natural Area since about 2003 as members of the Trail Patrol.  He has been on the Board of Friends of Government Canyon for two years.