Dinosaur Tracks at Government Canyon

Photo by pailoolom/iStock / Getty Images

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Government Canyon Natural Area is home to the only known dinosaur tracks on public land in South Texas.  The 110-million-year-old tracks are believed to have been left by Acrocanthosaurus and Sauroposeidon dinosaurs. 

Hike 2.5 miles up the Joe Johnston Route, just past marker #19 to get a look at these prehistoric tracks. At five miles, round trip, this is not an easy hike so make sure to plan ahead. Bring plenty of water, snacks, wear sturdy shoes, and start early in the day. Also, please note that this trail is rugged and not stroller-friendly. Stop by the Visitor Center for more information.


*Please Note: Our trails close due to weather and conditions.  To check conditions, please check out Facebook or Twitter.