Saying Farewell to Chris - President's Note

We sadly said our goodbyes to GCSNA Superintendent Chris Holms last week. Chris has taken a job in Washington State. He will be an Area Manager for Washington State Parks and will be overseeing several parks on Whidbey Island. This sounds like a great position and I know that he and his family will enjoy the milder climate. We will miss Chris very much and wish him and his family all the best. 

Under Chris’ tenure we have accomplished a tremendous amount. Much of the credit for our accomplishments I give to him. With a soft but effective touch, Chris was able to partner with the Friend’s group, make suggestions and provide guidance for all of the projects we have undertaken. Chris understood that working with a State agency could be burdensome and sometimes frustrating. Whether it was mustering state forces to provide construction personnel for the Discovery Trail, getting additional funding from TPWD Foundation for the amphitheater project, or coordinating the Recharge Run, Chris was always able to clear potential obstacles to make our job easier. At our kick off meeting for the amphitheater project several weeks ago I told Chris, “You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille.” We all had a good laugh. But in truth, I will miss working with Chris on this project. He made me look good.  I hope his replacement will also have that ability.  

Peter Grojean, President