Dino Tracks "Discovered" at Playscape

Fourth grade students from Curington Elementary in Boerne ISD have helped add an educational piece to our Nature Playscape. Under the guidance of Richard Gonzalez from the Witte Museum, students created replicas of the Sauropseidon and Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur tracks found at the Canyon. The student lead project started at the school this fall where Mr. Gonzalez discussed with the students on why the dinosaurs are now extinct, how fossils are formed, and how to create a dinosaur cast.  

On December 12, twenty students were hand selected to come out to the Canyon to present and place the tracks they made. The students were strategic in their placement as that they had to put them in positions based on the left/right print, as well as the correct distance apart based on the foot length.  

These tracks add an educational component to the playscape. Younger children can “discover” the tracks, be able to measure them, and determine what type of dinosaur made them. Plans are already in the work to expand this project for the 2018-2019 school year