A Note from our Registrar

Greetings from the Registrar!  

The Friends of Government Canyon offers many volunteer led programs. Our programs are posted on the Friends of Government Canyon website found under our events page.  

Some of our offerings require advance registration due to the nature of the program or materials required for participation. Typically, registration for a program opens at noon two weeks before the program and closes at noon the day before the program. When registering, we ask that you note any program age limits. Some of our programs are geared toward adults and some for children.  

Each event posting contains a “register” button which takes you directly to Eventbrite, which is our system for program registration. Once you are directed to Eventbrite, you may register each person for the program. You will receive an email confirming your registration with ‘tickets.’ We suggest that you bring your ticket with you to the Natural Area. Showing your paper or electronic ticket will allow entry in the event of a Natural Area capacity closure. 

We also offer programs which do not require registration! Some of our more popular ones are Hike the Canyon, Explore the Canyon, Explore the Night Sky and pop-up events. These are always open to those wanting to join in!  

We are always looking for community input as to the programs we offer. Please feel free to contact me at debiweissling@friendsofgc.org if you have questions about registration or programs. See you at the Natural Area!

Debi Weissling, Event Registrar and Board Member