Summer Operations Intern - Madelyn Fontenot

Government Canyon was lucky enough to receive funding for a paid intern this summer and while we had many qualified candidates we were thrilled to have selected a longtime volunteer of The Canyon, Madelyn Fontenot. Madelyn just finished her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science through UTSA and has a passion for natural resource management and interpretation. 

Since her inception Madelyn has worked closely with Resource staff conducting Bobwhite Quail and annual butterfly surveys, inspecting surrounding tracts for historical artifacts, attending dove banding training, eagerly learning the local flora and fauna, and since learning how to properly use herbicide, has been integral in two restoration projects. In addition, Madelyn has assisted trail crews in the backcountry, trimming the ProHab in anticipation of it’s opening, been vital in weekend fee collection, and has even created and implemented her own Native Plant hike interpretation program.

Our hope for these internships is that the individual gains experience in the many facets of State Natural Area operations making them a competitive candidate in the workforce. We wish Madelyn the best of luck in her future and hope that her dream of becoming a Park Ranger comes to fruition. 

Casey Cowan, GCSNA Resource Specialist